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Building Permits for a Birmingham Loft Extension

Because a loft conversion often involves major changes to a property, there are building regulations that we need to comply with. Before we start work, we always make sure the local building regulations are followed to a tee.

Building regulation certificates are available and required because they show the work on your Birmingham loft conversion was carried out to the correct safety standards and the conversion will be recognised by an estate agent or mortgage lender as part of your property, and therefore will add to the value of the home.

To comply with the building regulations the following areas are considered:

Planning and Designing

If your attic conversion is not designed properly, or you live in a listed building or conservation area constructing a loft conversion could well be against the law. If you live on a new estate there is the possibility that your development rights are withdrawn, so before any work is done we need to make sure building and planning requirements can be followed.

As experts in loft extensions we will not start work until we are absolutely certain you are permitted to convert your loft and not waste you any money.

Stability of Structure

Needless to say, because your loft conversion is designed to be used as a living space, it is very important it is structurally stable.

You may consult a local builder who gives you a cheap quote for a loft conversion, but in this scenario it is unlikely that a structural engineer has given his professional input, which is vital to calculate if a conversion will be safe.

A structural engineer will look at many factors including the chimney, the new floor, walls and stairs, and calculate the requirements for joists and steels to make sure your conversion is structurally sound.


When creating the conversion we use “u” value insulation which reflects heat and insulates sound at the same time.

Fire Precautions

Building regulations require you to have a route of escape in the event of fire as well as smoke detectors installed and ensure anti-inflammatory building materials are used for the construction of your loft conversion.

Fire doors, the type of stairs used, and wall construction are also factors noted in the building regulations to make sure your conversion is as safe as possible.

If you have stairs that begin in an open lounge there are special considerations involved to make them as risk-free as possible in the event of fire when you build your loft conversion.


It is important your conversion has adequate ventilation so condensation doesn’t form as a result of an unhealthy ventilation system. We always include a vapour protection layer in the construction of the loft to help prevent condensation in your conversion.

Safety and Electrics

In order to obtain the final building safety regulation certificate, you will also require an electrical safety certificate.

Touchstone Lofts Birmingham will deal with all the necessary paperwork to make sure obtaining the correct certificates is hassle-free.

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