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Green Loft Conversions

It is important that we all take responsibility for the world we live in so our children and grandchildren inherit a planet with a bright future. As Birmingham loft conversion experts, here at Touchstone Lofts we make sure our priority is using environmentally friendly materials and making our loft conversions as green as possible.

Our business involves reducing the output of CO2, as almost 30% of the entire carbon output from Britain is from our homes, so there are huge possibilities for improvement. As a company involved in the construction of lofts we are able to consistently challenge ourselves to develop and improve systems to reduce the carbon footprint and create green loft conversions.

Solar Panels

We can fit your hot water boiler directly with solar panels to provide your home with water heated by the energy of the sun. Our system will fit neatly on any roof. On average, you will have solar heated water for around seven months of the year.

Deciding on a loft conversion is a positive way to reduce your carbon output because there are a number of ways your loft can be adapted to make your home more environmentally friendly, while at the same time lowering your bills.

Contact us as soon as possible and we will discuss the various methods we recommend for a greener home.

Velux Solar Panels

Because over 40% of the heat lost from a home is through the roof, a good loft conversion will drastically improve your properties’ installation.

When building a loft conversion, we insulate the floor and perimeter of the room so the top of your house is effectively wearing a nice warm woolly hat. This will lessen the amount of energy you use considerably.

Our recommended choice of materials is insulation made from natural sheep’s wool because this requires little energy to produce.


When converting your loft we will also give you the option of installing guttering made from aluminium. This has a long lifespan of around 50 years, and can then be recycled,

Hot Water Storage

In many cases when deciding on a loft conversion, homeowners also decide to change their boiler for a newer and more efficient version. Unvented water storage cylinders available today use much less energy than traditional old-fashioned boilers. This not only saves you money but also helps the planet.

Further Energy Saving

Touchstone Lofts Birmingham only use building materials that are extremely environmentally friendly. Any wood needed comes from sustained resources and is FSC or PEFC certified to demonstrate the forest where it grew is managed in a sustainable fashion.

These forests use planting systems to maintain the balance of the ecosystem and remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

All windows we fit are in line with current building regulation standards and the low “U” values to lower energy loss and therefore reduce the amount of energy you use in your home.

Waste produced from our conversions is recycled as much as possible and we take great care so minimal rubbish ends up in landfills.